Exchange Recruiter

Job description

NuBits, and to a lesser extent, B&C Exchange, both have a critical need to be promoted on cryptocurrency exchanges. Their customers (BlockShare holders, NuShare holders and NuBit holders) are expected to be cryptocurrency traders.


NuShares, BlockShares and NuBits need to be presented to users of cryptocurrency exchanges. A perfect example of how we would like to see this happen was given by SouthXchange: Notice that throughout the SouthXchange site there’s a trading pair navigation tool on the upper right of the web interface that includes a tab for “USNBT”, with trading pairs beneath that. Ideally, we would see a tab for USNBT, CNNBT (Chinese NuBits), and listings for BlockShares and NuShares under the BTC tab.


These projects emerged from peer-to-peer technical communities that tended to over-focus on technical issues while neglecting marketing. The effort to find an exchange recruiter is an effort to begin to balance efforts toward marketing.


The nature of the work is to proactively approach cryptocurrency exchanges, of which there are hundreds, to propose they list trading pairs for BlockShares, NuShares and NuBits. Unlike most backers of cryptocurrencies or cryptoassets, we offer free liquidity in varying amounts. A typical pitch to a cryptocurrency exchange might look like this:


Dear exchange,

Add stable NuBits to your exchange and increase available liquidity. Our flagship United States NuBits tracks the US dollar which traders use to hedge, execute arbitrage opportunities, and save in.

I’m Esko, Manager of Liquidity Operations at Nu. Since 2014, we've successfully sustained the network-backed stable cryptocurrencies NuBits. Liquidity Operations provides dual-side liquidity for immediate availability once listed. Initial amount determined individually and is often quickly increased to meet demand.

Create trading pairs for the NuBits most relevant to your trader demography and we place for example $25,000 worth of Bitcoin and $25,000 of NuBits on the order book using fully automated trading software.

NuBits pioneered a powerful governance system with motions, grants, and network variables adjusted by shareholder voting. Anyone becomes a shareholder with NuShares. Increase its availability with NSR/BTC to attract additional trading volume and activate tier 6 in our liquidity flow.

NuBits are premier stable currencies with low spread powered by a deep-backing liquidity design.

Schedule a call with me at +1 (778) 814 xxxx, and let's discuss further.

Manager of Liquidity Operations, NuBits
Vancouver BC, Canada

We estimate the best type of person to fill this role is a technical recruiter: someone used to trying to match IT talent with IT employers. The principle reason is that this is a sales role: It involves taking the initiative to approach cryptocurrency exchanges such as those listed here ( and propose they list various trading pairs for us, in exchange for liquidity on those pairs. We can expect most exchanges will ignore an approach, just as most software developers ignore an approach from a recruiter. We can expect that of the exchanges that do respond, most will not eventually list our cryptocurrencies or assets, just as most software developers that respond to recruiters will not end up closing a deal. There is a lot of rejection. Most people can’t deal with that and continue initiating interactions, although a small percentage of people can. Someone who has demonstrated the capacity to function as a technical recruiter has demonstrated they are in that small subset of people who can emotionally deal with regular rejection.


Other reasons why we believe a technical recruiter is the ideal type of person to fill this role is that it will require some command of technical and IT concepts, similar to recruiting for software developer roles. However, the person does not need to be so technically proficient as to actually be a developer. Recruiting software developers and exchanges to list our cryptocurrencies are fundamentally similar in that they are both sales interactions that require negotiation in a technical IT environment, where rejection is nearly constant.


Our preferred compensation model is to pay an hourly rate for time spent contacting and negotiating with exchanges, although other economic models for compensation can be considered. We do not expect this to be a full-time role. Recruiters typically work for a variety of employers simultaneously, working to fill many roles for many organizations. We expect to be one among several or more organizations a specific recruiter is working for.


  • Strong writïng and proof-reading skills.
  • Charismatic.
  • Tireless professional conduct.