Marketing of NuBits' Stable Cryptocurrencies

Job description

Promote use of NuBits by spreading the word about the world's best stable digital currencies. One NuBit is $1.00, and the volatility previously associated with cryptocurrencies is consumed by our novel liquidity design.

We've created and for years run the stable digital currency US NuBits, and our liquidity model has since supported the currency with great success. People want a stable currency with the flexibilities of Bitcoin, and we have the product.

Come work with a professional team in the growing field of cryptofinance and help us reach new customers, investors, and vendors. Establish relationships with business partners and exchanges to enable further adoption and usefulness of NuBits. Run advertisement campaigns, produce and maintain promotional content, improve our communications and represent us in social media. You will see what needs doing, and be able to execute using our resources.

We are ready to pay for excellency, so let's see what you can do!

Apply today via Recruitee, or contact us over Bitmessage:


  • Work remotely from anywhere.
  • Charismatic.
  • Independent, able to determine and prioritize.
  • Contact and collaborate with others, such as graphic designers.
  • Tireless professional conduct.
  • Strong writïng and proof-reading skills.
  • Confident in your abilities, with a desire to get things done right.
  • Provide references or otherwise convince us of your skillset.