Two Senior C++ Blockchain Developers

Job description

Two full-time contractor positions need to be filled.


Both Senior C++ Blockchain Developers will be supporting codebases at and, splitting their time between the two projects. For the initial months of the positions, we can see a need for two distinct roles: one developer will work on optimization of both code bases (B&C Exchange is a fork of the Nu code base, so they are very similar).


Problems that need to be fixed are long running processes and high memory utilization (currently about 3 GB). It is essential server software that must run for a year without crashing. To fix the long running processes, the developer will be required to make their own assessment of what needs to be done, using a profiling tool such as Ants Profiler to discover where the problems are and then determine how to shorten run times of problem methods. Existing team members can provide a lot more guidance about how to fix the high memory utilization. The core problem is an index lives in memory that needs to be mostly removed. An attempt to do this already exists at, but the code was not stabilized to the point where it could be released. It is probably best to just work on stabilizing that code and merging it into B&C Exchange. The Nu 2.1.1 code base does not include many fixes for long running processes.


The other Senior C++ Blockchain Developer is expected to mostly work on B&C Exchange initially, though it is possible they will work on Nu, especially if an urgent need arises. Long term they are expected to work on both. B&C Exchange is a novel attempt at creating a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Nothing like it has been done before. It is pioneering work. There is a detailed 20 page design document at Coding is about 25% complete currently. Experience in financial trading is helpful, as you will be developing a decentralized order execution engine, and then stabilizing it.


Nu and B&C Exchange are both small blockchain startups that have grown a great deal in the last year. Nu began in early 2014, while B&C Exchange got its start in 2015. The share price for the Nu project is up over 1000% in 2017, and the funding for B&C Exchange has increased a similar amount in 2017. These projects are growing fast, but as startups, they lack stability. We expect both positions to be perpetual, but this is dependent on continued funding and success. The combined value of Nu and B&C Exchange is currently around $7 million CAD. Nu is an attempt to create stable value cryptocurrencies that have the transfer and storage properties of Bitcoin, but the stability properties of major national currencies such as USD and the euro. We have succeeded at the attempt, and now we need to sell it. B&C Exchange, in contrast, has not been implemented, though a blockchain network exists to track share ownership.


Experience in C++, Qt, blockchain development, development related to peer-to-peer (blockchain) currencies, experience trading financial assets, developing trading software, and experience working with a globally distributed team are all desirable attributes. At least 5 years of experience in software development is required.


Vancouver area is targeted as base for a new developer group. Until then, remote work is possible.